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270 million people are migrants, who send home a staggering $689 billion
United Nations | news.un.org | 2019-11-27
The number of international migrants in 2019 is now estimated at 270 million and the top destination remains the United States, at nearly 51 million, the UN migration agency said on Wednesday.

"If I Could Just Look at Her"
Ashoka Mukpo | aclu.org | 2019-11-27
Watch the journey of two separated parents trying to cross the border and reunite with their children.: | " data-whitelisted="false" data-domain="www.youtube.com"> | In October, the Trump administration admitted that in a 12-month period, beginning in July 2017, it separated 4,370 immigrant children from their parents at the border. Since then, over 1,000 more have been separated under a dubious loophole that all…

Asylum Seekers Are Being Misclassified Under Migrant Protection Protocols
Staff | truthout.org | 2019-11-27
A lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Brownsville, Texas, last Wednesday on the behalf of a 23-year-old woman who fled Honduras and was returned to the streets of Matamoros, Mexico, by U.S. immigration authorities in late July. | The petition filed on the behalf of the woman (identified as X.E.G.M. under conditions of anonymity requested by two San Antonio-based attorneys with San Antonio Region Justice For Our Neighbors) was one of a series of writ of habeas corpus petitions filed on the be…

World AIDS Day at GLIDE
Denise Lamott | indybay.org | 2019-11-27
Sanctuary at GLIDE Church, 330 Ellis Street at Taylor St. (enter through Taylor St. gates), San Francisco…

Oakland Raids Housing Justice Village: Being Houseless Is Not a Crime
Cat Brooks | indybay.org | 2019-11-27
Last night, dozens of unhoused community members with The Village and East Oakland Collective placed their tents on the lawn of City Hall; demanding to be seen, heard and helped by city officials. Instead they were terrorized, brutalized, arrested and taken to Santa Rita Jail.

UNHCR chief urges Greece to improve conditions in refugee camps
rt.com | 2019-11-27
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees urged the Greek government on Wednesday to improve living conditions in migrant camps. Greece's new conservative government said it would "shut the door" to people not entitled to stay in the country and announced plans to close overcrowded refugee camps. | They could be replaced with detention centers to be used both for deporting failed asylum seekers and as a reception and processing center for new arrivals. | "We cannot accept that [refugees] live in such miserable living conditions. The conditions are very challenging and need urgent improvement," Commissi…

Entrapment? ICE created fake universities to lure foreign students before arresting & deporting them
rt.com | 2019-11-27
US immigration authorities created fake universities, lured foreign-born students to enroll, and took large sums of their money — before arresting and deporting them for immigration violations, a new report has revealed. | In recent months, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has deported 90 students enrolled in a fake Michigan-based university, the Detroit Free Press reported on Wednesday. As many as 250 people, mostly from India, have been arrested since January, as part of the sting operation concocted by federal agents. | The scammed students had arrived in the US legally on student visas, but…

Immigrant Worker Deportations Hurt Us All
Michael Felsen | progressive.org | 2019-11-26
Aggressive immigration law enforcement obstructs the protection of all workers, documented and undocumented alike. In November, Democratic lawmakers reintroduced legislation meant to protect them.

We're Grateful for the Constitution
David Cole | aclu.org | 2019-11-26
Thanksgiving is here: that time of year when we pause to take stock of all we're grateful for. At the ACLU, we're saying thanks for all the crucial wins from our legal teams — and for the Constitution. | In just the last few months, we've racked up many essential victories in the ongoing battle to protect civil liberties and civil rights. The scope of these victories is breathtaking: they span criminal justice, privacy, religious freedom, reproductive rights, due process for immigrants, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and the right to protest the Keystone pipeline, among others. We've won crucial victories…

France And Germany Propose An EU Overhaul After Brexit
telesurenglish.net | 2019-11-26
France and Germany set aside bilateral tensions Tuesday to call for a European Union overhaul, which has been embroiled for the past 10 years in a eurozone debt crisis, an influx of migrants and refugees and most recently Brexit. | RELATED: | NATO Experiencing 'Brain Death': French President Macron | Some EU leaders fear that regional and political divisions could destroy a project to which they attribute the continuance of peace and prosperity on the continent, even in Eastern Europe after the collapse…

The Trump Administration is Unlawfully Detaining a U.S. Resident Without Charge
Charlie Hogle | aclu.org | 2019-11-25
Adham | Hassoun completed his criminal sentence and was set to be released from prison almost | three years ago. But the government — now claiming unprecedented and | unconstitutional powers under the USA Patriot Act — continues to hold Adham in | detention, indefinitely and without charge. | We're | in court to secure his freedom. | Adham | has called the United States home for 30 years. Born in Lebanon to Palestinian | refugees, Adham and his family — like many other refugees — suffered…

In Nicaragua, She Dodged Bullets. Now She's Stuck at the Border
Ashoka Mukpo | aclu.org | 2019-11-25
(Ciudad Juarez, Mexico) The sting of tear gas was still in Julia's eyes when she ran into a public park in the center of the Nicaraguan city of Estelí on June 20, 2018. Earlier that day, she'd wrapped her face in a blue-and-white bandanna — the colors of the Nicaraguan flag — and joined a student-led march against the government of President Daniel Ortega, whose proposed cuts to social benefits were sparking tense street demonstrations across the country. [Note: 'Julia' is a pseudonym; the ACLU is protecting her identity for her safety.] | As the students marched through the streets, paramilitary p…

Humanitarian Volunteer Scott Warren Reflects on the Borderlands and Two Years of Government Persecution
Ryan Devereaux | theintercept.com | 2019-11-23
A jury found Scott Warren not guilty in the government's second attempt to lock him up for providing humanitarian aid on the border in Arizona.

Friday's Daily Brief: DRC Ebola concerns, Yemen peace hopes, more migrant boats leave Libya
United Nations | news.un.org | 2019-11-22
A recap of Friday's stories in brief: WHO raises fresh Ebola concerns, UN envoy raises hopes of Yemen political settlement, WFP makes urgent Venezuela appeal, hundreds of migrants discovered in boats off Libya coast.

The H-2A Farmworker Program's False "Compromise"
Simon Davis-Cohen | progressive.org | 2019-11-22
The Trump Administration's far-right vision for immigration involves a domestic work program for people facing the threat of deportation and the expansion of an exploitative "guest worker" arrangement.

U.N. Rapporteur: Julian Assange Has Faced Psychological Torture; He Should Not Be Extradited to U.S
Staff | democracynow.org | 2019-11-22
This week Swedish prosecutors dropped an investigation into sexual assault allegations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, stemming from 2010. Assange, who has always denied the allegations, took refuge inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London for over seven years to avoid extradition to Sweden on the charges. British authorities dragged him out of the Ecuadorian embassy in April and he has since been jailed in London's Belmarsh prison on charges related to skipping of bail in 2012, when he first entered the embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden over the now-dropped sexual assault charges. The United States…

"In Defense of Julian Assange": Why WikiLeaks Founder's Case Threatens Press Freedom
Staff | democracynow.org | 2019-11-22
This week Swedish prosecutors dropped an investigation into sexual assault allegations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, stemming from 2010. Assange, who has always denied the allegations, took refuge inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London for over seven years to avoid extradition to Sweden on the charges. British authorities dragged him out of the Ecuadorian embassy in April and he has since been jailed in London's Belmarsh prison on charges related to skipping of bail in 2012, when he first entered the embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden over the now-dropped sexual assault charges. The United States…

We need a just climate transition
Fred_F | greenleft.org.au | 2019-11-22
Climate Meghan StreetIssue 1246 AustraliaNovember 22, 2019The climate movement has to take up the issues of refugees, war and global inequality to ensure a just climate for all. | The climate crisis is generating instability and a scarcity of resources via rising sea levels and more intense and extreme weather events, such as floods, storm s…

Emails Confirm Miller's Twin Obsessions: Immigrants and Crime
splcenter.org | 2019-11-21
Stephen Miller linked immigration to violence in emails to Breitbart News — writing of crimes committed by nonwhites that…

Inside Australia's refugee prison camp in PNG
Fred_F | greenleft.org.au | 2019-11-21
refugee rights Chris SleeIssue 1246 Australia MelbourneNovember 21, 2019The Refugee Action Collective (RAC) Victoria held a forum on November 18 to discuss the situation facing asylum seekers in Bomana Immigration Centre, a detention centre attached to Bomana prison in…

Texas students say, "Defend DACA"
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2019-11-19
Arlington, TX — The University of Texas at Arlington's Progressive Student Union (PSU) held a rally for DACA recipients, November 14. The group, led by PSU President Mark Napieralski, delivered a list of ten demands to the administration, marching across the campus chanting, "No protection, no peace," "Stand up, fight back," "Black and brown immigrants matter," and "Defend DACA." | PSU delivered their demands to President Karbhari's office, though he was available to receive them personally. Regardless, the office received the demands and promised to deliver them to Karbhari. | PSU's demands included more r…

Don't Suppress Votes of New Citizens
Terri Gerstein | progressive.org | 2019-11-18
A new kind of voter suppression is being perpetrated by the federal government and flying largely under the radar: a multi-faceted effort to prevent legal immigrants from becoming citizens in time to vote.

Stephen Miller's Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails
splcenter.org | 2019-11-05
In the run-up to the 2016 election, White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller promoted white nationalist literature, pushed racist immigration stories and obsessed over the loss of Confederate symbols after Dylann Roof's murderous rampage, according to leaked emails reviewed by Hatewatch.

Emails Detail Miller's Ties to Group That Touted White Nationalist Writers
splcenter.org | 2019-11-05
White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller demonstrates a connection to an anti-immigrant think tank that promoted white nationalist writers, according to emails acquired by Hatewatch.