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Courts back Trump administration as ICE continues to force-feed immigrants
wsws.org | 2019-09-03
Force-feeding typically can causes excruciating pain, is dangerous when performed on unwilling participants, and is recognized by international doctors' associations as a form of torture.

Racist Ideology and Practice Rooted in Speciesism
David Cantor | dissidentvoice.org | 2019-09-03
When perceived authorities like President Trump designate immigrants "animals," they authorize abuse of those officially disparaged people. Conscience-challenged people predictably seek to enhance their status by carrying out apparent or explicit wishes of adored "leaders." Trump probably has not personally killed or rounded up anyone. Neither have many other authoritarian despots whose policies and rhetoric …

"Now What": The State of Immigration Under Trump
Yelp DiverseBurst SF | indybay.org | 2019-09-03
Yelp HQ, 140 New Montgomery Street, Level 8, San Francisco, CA 94105…

The Many Faces of Immigration Resistance
Andrew Moss | counterpunch.org | 2019-09-03
For the most part, major news organizations like the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times have provided comprehensive, accurate coverage of major immigration-related developments. Significant policy changes and their impacts on people have been presented with careful regard for both detail and larger issues. This is as it should…

Crisis at the Border: Local Faith Responses and Call to Action
Multi-Faith Immigration Coalition for Action | indybay.org | 2019-09-03
First Presbyterian Church, 1965 Colfax St, Concord, CA 94520…

Fall 2019 National Immigrant Solidarity Network News Alert!
Lee Siu Hin, Immigrant Solidarity Network | indybay.org | 2019-09-03
More Trump's Racist Raids, Killings and Immigrant Children Indefinite Detentions!

Nea Kavala Refugee Camp: Hell in Northern Greece
Abshir | globalresearch.ca | 2019-09-03
I cried when I heard that the Greek government said that it is going to send 1000 refugees from Moiria camp on Lesbos to Nea Kavala on the mainland. They want to relieve the pressure on the camp with all …

Attorneys general, pro-worker group head to court vs Trump's anti-migrant schemes
Mark Gruenberg | peoplesworld.org | 2019-09-03
SAN FRANCISCO–More than 15 progressive state Attorneys General headed to federal court twice in six days in late August to try to halt two more of Donald Trump's anti-migrant schemes. And in the first suit they filed, pro-worker, pro-migrant, and union-backed Make The Road New York took the lead, aided by the ACLU. That first …

Despite Reversal for Harvard Student, Deportations Based on US Search of Social Media Denounced as Troubling 'New Normal'
Julia Conley, staff writer | commondreams.org | 2019-09-03
Representatives for Ismail Ajjawi, a 17-year-old Palestinian student who was refused entry to the U.S. last week when he arrived to begin his freshman year at Harvard, credited outcry that resulted from Ajjawi's treatment with forcing immigration officials to allow him into the country—while his story drew attention to similar cases. | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/headline/thumbs/gettyimages-8033713581.jpg

Germany: Xenophobic and anti-Semitic offences are rising sharply
wsws.org | 2019-09-02
On average, there were 26 offences against immigrants or Jews each day in 2018.

Venezuela Points Finger at Duque for Breakdown of Colombian Peace Process
Paul Dobson | venezuelanalysis.com | 2019-09-02
The Maduro government also refuted accusations that it offers "refuge" to FARC-EP rebels.

Refugee Lessons: Let Us be Free Like the Birds!
Saad Abdllah | globalresearch.ca | 2019-09-02
My life has been turned upside down amd inside out. My brain has never had to work so hard to make sense, to survive and to live. For some of my hardest years, the system saw me and treated me …

Death and Resistance on the U.S.-Mexico Border: A Democracy Now! Special
Staff | democracynow.org | 2019-09-02
Democracy Now! travels to the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona to follow the humanitarian activist Scott Warren into the Sonoran Desert as he accompanies other No More Deaths volunteers as they leave water and food for migrants making the treacherous journey north. Warren is currently facing up to 10 years in prison for his humanitarian work in the Sonoran Desert, where the bodies and bones of more than 3,000 people — nearly all migrants — have been found since 2001. We also speak to the Tucson-based artist Alvaro Enciso, creator of the project Where Dreams Die. He has built and installed over 900 crosse…

Max Blumenthal on the US legacy in Honduras: migrant crisis, political murders, narco-President
Aaron Maté | thegrayzone.com | 2019-09-01
Back from Honduras, The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal discusses the impact of US meddling over the last decade: a narco-President, Juan…

Refugees Returned to Mexico Face Physical & Psychological Torture in US, Danger in Mexico
Staff | therealnews.com | 2019-09-01
Laura Carlsen spoke to asylum seekers in Tijuana, Mexico, who were turned back at the US-Mexico border. They tell about harrowing experiences with US border patrol and the dangers they face in Mexico…

Fakes for me, not for thee: US govt to use false social media profiles to monitor immigrants
rt.com | 2019-08-31
US Citizenship and Immigration officers can now use fake social media accounts to surveil foreigners seeking visas and citizenship, even after years of US lawmakers blasting foreign rivals for supposedly doing the same. | Officers have until recently been banned from creating fictitious profiles, but a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) privacy review dated July 2019 but posted online on Friday has reversed that ban. According to the review, officers with the department's…

'CA has decriminalized illegal alien crime': Outrage as Kate Steinle's killer's conviction tossed
rt.com | 2019-08-31
A California appeals court has thrown out the conviction of an illegal immigrant who shot a woman on a San Francisco pier after escaping deportation due to the city's sanctuary policy, triggering further outrage. | Jose Ines Garcia Zarate's conviction on charges of being a convicted felon in possession of a gun was thrown out by a California state appeals court on Friday, reviving the furor over a case that has defined the immigration debate. The 1st District Court of Appeal ruled the judge failed to offer the jury the option of acquitting the Mexican national on the theory he only possessed the weapon "for a…

More than half of world's refugee children 'do not get an education', warns UNHCR
United Nations | un.org | 2019-08-30
Refugee children in their millions are missing out on an education, the UN said on Friday, in an appeal to host countries to back more inclusive policies to prevent them from "languishing" in camps for years and losing hope.

Weekend Read: Trump's anti-immigrant campaign gets even crueler
splcenter.org | 2019-08-30
The list of cruelties that the Trump administration is inventing in its zeal to punish migrants and their children keeps getting longer and more extreme.

Counter-protesters outnumber 'Straight Pride' event crowd
Shant Jaltorossian | liberationnews.org | 2019-08-30
After failing to secure a city permit, a group organizing a so-called "Straight Pride" rally held a gathering Aug. 24 outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Modesto, California, holding signs with pro-Trump, anti-abortion, and anti-immigrant sentiments.

Friday's Daily Brief: Refugee children missing out on school, Ebola in Uganda, Fresh violence in Yemen, 20 years of Timor-Leste independence, Enforced disappearances
United Nations | un.org | 2019-08-30
A recap of Friday's stories: Over half of refugee children missing an education; new Ebola case in Uganda; funding gap in Yemen leaves many at risk; Timor-Leste marks 20th anniversary of independence, enforced disappearances spread terror…

War on the Mexican border: How did it happen?
susan_p | greenleft.org.au | 2019-08-30
immigrant rights Barry SheppardIssue 1235 United States US-Mexico border wallAugust 30, 2019What became the United States was first a series of white British — "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant" (WASP) — settler colonies. | Besides starting the…

"All-Out Attack": Trump's Anti-Immigrant Policies Target Children, Cancer Patients & Servicemembers
Staff | democracynow.org | 2019-08-30
On Tuesday, the Trump administration reportedly ended its "medical deferred action" program, which allows immigrants with serious health problems to stay in the U.S. for up to two years beyond the terms of their visas to receive critical treatment. Just one day later, it announced that some children born to U.S. servicemembers and government employees stationed overseas will no longer automatically receive citizenship. The policy changes come days after the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to allow the Trump administration to implement its rule banning almost all migrants from seeking asylum in the Unit…

Venezuela migrant crisis begs a 'coherent, predictable and harmonized' response: UNHCR
United Nations | un.org | 2019-08-29
There is "no end in sight" to the massive movement of Venezuelan migrants and refugees, now at around 4.3 million in number, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) shared on Thursday.

Thursday's Daily Brief: UN refugee agency on Venezuelan migrant crisis, dramatic resurgence' of measles in Europe, a UN News visit to former nuclear test site, Colombian law for disabled persons receives praise, Security Council on violence in Yemen
United Nations | un.org | 2019-08-29
A recap of Thursday's stories: 'No end in sight' to massive movement of Venezuelan migrants and refugees; 'Dramatic resurgence' of measles threatens Europe; Report from nuclear test site in Kazakhstan; UN expert welcomes new Colombian law for persons with disabilities; Security Council concerned over violent spams in Yemen.

The Grayzone's Anya Parampil on Fox: US regime change policy fuels migration crisis
Anya Parampil | thegrayzone.com | 2019-08-29
On Fox News, Anya Parampil explained how the US coup in Honduras and bipartisan support for the corrupt, right-wing President…

Headlines for August 29, 2019
Staff | democracynow.org | 2019-08-29
EPA to Roll Back Methane Regulations in Blow to Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Trump Moves to Allow Logging in World's Largest Intact Temperate Rainforest, Hurricane Dorian Gains Strength, Threatens Bahamas & Florida, Swedish Youth Climate Justice Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives in NYC After 15-Day Boat Trip, Gillibrand Drops Out of 2020 Race as Just 10 Dems Qualify for Sept. Debate, Thousands Protest "Coup" in U.K. as Boris Johnson Suspends Parliament Ahead of Brexit, New Coalition Government May Be Formed in Italy, Italian Humanitarian Ship Rescues 100 Migrants Off Coast of Libya, Separatists & Government-B…

Orwellian Surveillance of Tohono O'odham Nation — A Test Case for Entire US Border?
Staff | therealnews.com | 2019-08-28
Will Parrish tells the story of how Israeli surveillance techniques originally developed to control Palestinians are now being used on Indigenous land near the border to control migrants, and could be expanded to the entire nation…

Report: One Venezuelan Migrant Killed Every Day in Colombia
Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz | venezuelanalysis.com | 2019-08-28
Criminal activity and xenophobic attacks have been cited among the main causes.

"We're in a Crisis of Deaths": Migrant Death Toll Tops 900 in Mediterranean as 40 Die Off Libya
Staff | democracynow.org | 2019-08-28
At least 40 refugees and migrants are feared dead off of the coast of Libya after a boat carrying dozens of people en route to Europe capsized Tuesday morning in the Mediterranean Sea. According to the Libyan coast guard, some 65 migrants and refugees, mostly from Sudan, were rescued with the help of local fishermen. With Tuesday's tragedy, the number of migrants and refugees who have lost their lives this year in the Mediterranean en route to Europe is up to 900. Meanwhile, far-right European leaders like Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini continue to criminalize refugees and migrants, as well as humanitar…

Airstrikes in Lebanon, Syria & Iraq Mark Dangerous Escalation in Decades-Long Israeli Aggression
Staff | democracynow.org | 2019-08-28
Tensions are mounting across the Middle East following a series of Israeli airstrikes in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Lebanese President Michel Aoun likened the recent Israeli attacks to a "declaration of war." Israeli drones bombed targets in Lebanon on both Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile, some Iraqi lawmakers are calling on the United States to fully withdraw its troops following a series of Israeli air raids conducted by Israel. Israel has only claimed responsibility for an attack on Syria Saturday, which they said targeted an Iranian-operated base that was preparing to launch a drone assault on Israel. We speak wi…

Protesters block traffic at MN State Fair, demand end to police crimes
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2019-08-26
St. Paul, MN – On August 24, protesters shut down a light rail train, blocked traffic and shut down the main entrance to the Minnesota State Fair. The protesters demanded justice for victims of killer cops, an end to ICE raids, concentration camps and family separation, and an end to deadly U.S. interventions and blockades against foreign countries. Trump supporters and racists heckled, filmed and attacked the protesters, but failed to block the protesters' message, and no serious injuries occurred. | This was the fifth annual protest of the Minnesota State Fair. The initial protest was in response to the murder…

'It's an Attempt to Impose a White Nationalist Vision of What America Is' – CounterSpin interview with Sasha Abramsky on new attack on immigrants
Janine Jackson | fair.org | 2019-08-26
Janine Jackson interviewed author Sasha Abramsky about Trump's new attack on immigrants for the August 23, 2019, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript. | Media…

The End of the Greater Middle East Project: The Case of Kurdistan
unitedEditor | uwidata.com | 2019-08-26
Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 presidential elections has had dire implications for the American "Greater Middle East" project which has guided US foreign policy in the Middle East since it was first put forward in 2003. Trump's reorientation toward internal US problems (migration, economy, protectionism), the emergence of new geopolitical rivals (China and Iran) …

Headlines for August 26, 2019
Staff | democracynow.org | 2019-08-26
World Leaders Pledge Amazon Help as Trump Sends Mixed Signals About China at G7 Summit, Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif Makes Surprise Appearance at G7 to Hold Talks with European Officials, Protesters Call Out G7 Leaders over Corporate Ties, Climate Inaction and Inequality, Wildfires Continue to Consume Amazon as Public Outrage Grows, Police Deploy Water Cannons, Fire a Live Warning Shot at Hong Kong Protesters, Attacks in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq Add to Mounting Tensions in Middle East, EU Countries Say They Will Relocate Migrants Stranded on Ship After 2-Week Standoff, 200,000 Rohingya Refugees March for "Genocid…

Sasha Abramsky on Trump's New Attack on Immigrants
CounterSpin | fair.org | 2019-08-23

Weekend Read: ICE's deliberate cruelty
splcenter.org | 2019-08-23
Five days after taking office, President Trump signed "Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States" — an executive order calling for the hiring of thousands of new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and the use of state and local police to enforce immigration law.

Escuelita àìscar Romero in Philadelphia builds unity in the face of anti-immigrant terror
Neri Felipe | liberationnews.org | 2019-08-23
The Escuelita àìscar Romero, a program of the Philadelphia branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation which primarily serves recently arrived Central American children, just concluded its first summer camp.

Interview: Lebanese solidarity with Palestinian refugees
Joyce Chediac | liberationnews.org | 2019-08-23
"For the first time in Lebanon, and possibly in any Arab country, banners supporting the rights of Palestinian refugees were carried along with queer and trans flags."

'Anti-alien Hysteria:' Journalist Elizabeth Glendower Evans and the Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti
Norman Stockwell | progressive.org | 2019-08-22
In a case perhaps more relevant now than ever, the trial of the two immigrants became a rallying point for 1920s progressives, labor activists, and human rights advocates around the globe.

A Louisiana Parish Jailed a U.S. Citizen for Being Latinx. We're Suing
aclu.org | 2019-08-22
Officers in a Louisiana jail held a U.S. citizen for four days on an immigration hold simply because of his skin color and name. | Ramon Torres had been a U.S. citizen for nearly ten years when he was detained for four days on an immigration hold — despite having a U.S. passport, a Louisiana driver's license, and a Social Security card, and despite that fact that a court ordered his release. | Torres' ordeal began in August 2018, when he was pulled over and arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Torres, a naturalized U.S. citizen since 2009, was carrying multiple forms of identification, inclu…

Workplace Raids Are Not the Answer
Angela Stuesse | progressive.org | 2019-08-20
Criminalizing undocumented workers will not stop people from hiring them. It only makes them more exploitable.

Trump is Taking More Money for Raids and Detention. Congress Should Stop Him
aclu.org | 2019-08-19
Without congressional checks, ICE and CBP will continue to overspend and overstep. | 08/27/19 Update: Congress made public today a document outlining the Department of Homeland Security's plan to take nearly $280 million in funds meant for FEMA, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the TSA, among other critical priorities. Over $115 million of these funds will go towards President Trump's growing detention and deportations of immigrants, with the rest being used for sham border courts to…

SPLC, allies sue ICE for ignoring medical, mental health and disability needs of detained immigrants
splcenter.org | 2019-08-19
Faour Abdallah Fraihat, who ran a successful construction business for years in California, is currently in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

SPLC joins brief opposing Kansas law targeting immigrants
splcenter.org | 2019-08-13
The SPLC and 29 worker and immigrant rights organizations filed an amicus brief today urging the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold a court decision stating that a Kansas identity theft law cannot be used to turn local law enforcement into immigration agents.

SPLC statement on Mississippi immigration raids
splcenter.org | 2019-08-08
Southern Poverty Law Center Attorney Julia Solórzano, with the SPLC's Immigrant Justice Project, issued the following statement on today's workplace raids in Mississippi:…