2020-02-04: Social Media Postees

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Greece Says It's Accelerating Asylum Applications, Deportations
telesurenglish.net | 2020-02-03
Greece said it started to apply accelerated procedures for new asylum seekers and to increase deportations to Turkey, Al Jazeera reported Monday. | RELATED: | Greece to Install Floating Fence to Block Migrants | "The rules have changed. We're no longer open to people who don't have a refugee profile," the Minister for Immigration and Asylum Notis Mitarakis…

Xenophobia and Racism Spreads As Coronavirus Outbreak Continues
telesurenglish.net | 2020-02-03
As the novel virus grabs headlines and countries set up preventive measures, Chinese migrants and of Asian descent have denounced a rapid increase in racist and xenophobic attacks against them across Europe, America and even certain countries in Asia. | RELATED: | China Accuses US of Creating Panic Over Coronavius | "I had a group of mindless teenagers shout 'coronavirus' at me on the bus. If you don't think that's racist, you are part of the problem," Michele Li, a young Asian social medi…

The Making of the First American Dictator
Massoud Nayeri | globalresearch.ca | 2020-02-03
The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump was both a farce and a tragedy. Mr. Trump, a Fascistic minded President was not targeted for his real crimes (inhumane treatments of immigrant children in the ICE concentration camps, inciting violence during …

Bolivia: Evo Morales' Legal Representative Arrested
teleSUR, jg | telesurenglish.net | 2020-02-03
The legal representative of former Bolivian President Evo Morales has been sentenced to six months in prison in a new attack on the reputation of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) ahead of the upcoming elections. | RELATED: | Bolivia's Coup-Born Regime Arrests Socialist Political Refugees | Judge Armando Zeballos ordered the pre-trial detention…

Minneapolis protest rejects Trump's expansion of Muslim ban to six new countries
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2020-02-02
Minneapolis, MN – More than 50 people protested Saturday, February 1, outside the Federal Courthouse in downtown Minneapolis to condemn Donald Trump adding six more countries to his administration's travel ban. | The protest was called by the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Minnesota (CAIR) just a day earlier and was endorsed by the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota, Black Immigrant Collective, Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC), Anti-War Committee, among others. | The Minneapolis protest was emceed by Jaylani Hussein of CAIR-MN. State Attorney General Keith Ellison and former State Repre…

Bolivia's Right Fails To Create A Unified Coalition Against MAS
telesurenglish.net | 2020-02-02
Right-wing parties in Bolivia have failed to create a unified bloc to contest former president Evo Morales' party Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) in the upcoming general election in May. | RELATED: | Bolivia's Coup-Born Regime Arrests Socialist Political Refugees | During a meeting promoted by the Pro Santa Cruz Committee, presidential candidates from the right recognized that it will be difficult to reach an agreement in order to face MAS in the next election. | Among them we…

Mexico: UNICEF calls for implementation of protocol to protect migrant children
news.un.org | 2020-02-01
Authorities in Mexico are being reminded by the UN children's agency, UNICEF, of the need to protect the rights of migrant children who enter the country.

Workers Organization Shares Staff, Cash With Anti-Immigrant Groups
Hatewatch Staff | splcenter.org | 2020-01-31
U.S. Tech Workers, a project of the anti-immigrant group Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR), has ties to an anti-immigrant hate network and unprecedented access to the Trump administration.

Trump to expand travel ban, targeting immigrants from 6 more countries
rt.com | 2020-01-31
US President Donald Trump will issue an updated version of his controversial travel ban, acting Homeland Security head Chad Wolf said Friday. The existing ban will remain in place, having been okayed by the Supreme Court in 2018. | Speaking to reporters by phone, Wolf said that the updated ban will suspend immigrant visas for nationals of Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar and Nigeria. Non-immigrant visas from these countries will not be affected. | 'Diversity Visas'

Headlines for January 31, 2020
Staff | democracynow.org | 2020-01-31
Senate Poised to Acquit President Trump in Impeachment Trial, World Health Organization Declares International Public Health Emergency, U.S. Special Envoy Warns of International Crisis in Idlib, Syria, Britain Formally Withdrawing from European Union Tonight, Pentagon Deploys 1st Low-Yield Nuclear Warhead-Armed Submarine, Trump Admin Poised to Loosen Restrictions on Use of Landmines, Human Rights Groups Condemn Mexico for Crackdown on Central American Migrants, Mexican Butterfly Conservationist Found Dead, Bolivia's Movement for Socialism Candidate Luis Arce Returns to Bolivia, U.S. Pushes EU to End Ban on Chemic…

How mobile money is rebuilding lives in Sudan
news.un.org | 2020-01-31
When Mohammed Ahmed left Sudan in search of better life, he couldn't have imagined that he would find financial security back home. But, some four years later, he now runs a thriving business, thanks to an innovative scheme involving the UN migration agency (IOM), based on the use of mobile money.

Anti-Trump-themed 'Immigrant Food' restaurant owned by lobbyists for right-wing Latin American coup leaders who fueled migration crisis
Alexander Rubinstein | thegrayzone.com | 2020-01-30
The shocking story of how wealthy Latin American regime-change hitmen exploited immigrant rights, international food, and a pliant DC media…

Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy marks one year, leaving tens of thousands of migrants stranded in Mexican border towns
splcenter.org | 2020-01-29

Austria's Green-right alliance sells out migrants
Susan Price | greenleft.org.au | 2020-01-29
climate justice immigration rights Jacob Andrewartha Margarita WindischIssue 1251 Austria Austrian Greens…

Asylum-Seekers Are Being Abandoned in Guatemala in a New Policy Officials Call a "Total Disaster"
Ashoka Mukpo | aclu.org | 2020-01-28
In late November, U.S. immigration authorities began | deporting some Central American asylum-seekers to Guatemala under a new | policy that makes it nearly impossible for them to seek asylum in the U.S. | But Guatemalan human rights workers say that their country's | asylum system isn't capable of handling even the relatively small numbers that | have been sent there so far, and that asylum seekers' precarious status in the | country has already pushed many to leave. | "They're preferring to move on…

Headlines for January 28, 2020
Staff | democracynow.org | 2020-01-28
Trump Lawyers Says He Did No Wrong as Calls Mount for Bolton and Other Witnesses to Testify | , Trump to Unveil Middle East "Peace Plan" as Netanyahu Indicted over Corruption, SCOTUS Allows Trump's "Public Charge" Rule Targeting Low-Income Immigrants to Take Effect, State Dept. Bars NPR Reporter from Upcoming Pompeo Trip, Washington Post Suspends Reporter for Tweet About Kobe Bryant Rape Allegation, Mixed Accounts After U.S. Military Plane Crashes in Afghanistan, Torrential Rains and Landslides Kill At Least 46 People in Brazil, Nigerian Journalist Maxwell Nashan Killed, 2nd Accuser Testifies in Weinstein Trial a…

Tanya Plibersek's patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel
pip.hinman | greenleft.org.au | 2020-01-28
nationalism Peter BoyleIssue 1251 Australia patriotism Racism our common causeJanuary 28, 2020When British essayist Samuel Johnson wrote in 1…

Miller Dismisses DACA in Emails, Mirroring Anti-Immigrant Extremists' Views
splcenter.org | 2020-01-13
White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller went against many Republicans when siding with white nationalists and other extremists on the issue of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, more commonly known as DACA, emails show.