2020-05-29: News Headlines

J.P. Linstroth (2020-05-29). Arundhati Roy on Indian Migrant-Worker Oppression and India's Fateful COVID Crisis. counterpunch.org In India there is never one story but thousands, even millions, and so the detrimental impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on this country of more than 1.3 billion, especially among the poor, has been profound, causing immense suffering. Nor did it help matters much when Prime Minister Narendra Modi shut India into immediate lockdown without warning

A Guest Author (2020-05-29). Pandemic and Trump's anti-migrant agenda. workers.org By B.L.S. The following is a slightly edited talk given during the Workers World Party webinar "What Road to Socialism?"on May 16. I'm humbled and thankful to have this opportunity to share some of my firsthand experiences with y'all. As a legal assistant, I work closely with asylum seekers who . . . |

James Goodman (2020-05-29). Immigrants in Limbo Speak Out. progressive.org DACA and Temporary Protected Status holders seek road to citizenship.

Peoples Dispatch (2020-05-29). 30 migrants in Libya killed after death of human trafficker. peoplesdispatch.org The chaos created by the NATO-led invasion of Libya in 2011 has made the country a breeding ground for human trafficking to Europe, leading to hundreds of deaths each year…

WSWS (2020-05-29). UK: Johnson government forced to retreat over attacks on migrant NHS workers. wsws.org The government had insisted that only doctors, nurses, and paramedics would be made exempt from the NHS surcharge and that only their families qualified for indefinite leave to remain (permanent residence) in the event of their death.

WSWS (2020-05-29). Sri Lankan government responds to rising COVID-19 infections by abandoning expatriate workers. wsws.org The Rajapakse government's ruthless attitude towards the stranded migrant workers is matched by its hostility to ordinary people inside Sri Lankan.

teleSUR (2020-05-28). Unprotected Migrants Roam Through Southeastern Mexico. telesurenglish.net Hundreds of Central American migrants are going through situations of poverty and high risk of contracting COVID-19 while wandering the streets of Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico. | RELATED: | In this municipality, humanitarian shelters decided to avoid overcrowding and suspended the admission of new guests from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala | This decision left migrants stranded in Tapachula homeless as they hope to…

PCHR (2020-05-28). PCHR: Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (21 — 27 May 2020). imemc.org Summary of Israeli Violations of Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (21 — 27 May 2020) Israeli occupation forces (IOF) continued to commit crimes against Palestinian civilians and their properties, including raids into Palestinian cities that are characterized with excessive use of force, assault, abuse and attacks on civilians. …

Alexia Ramirez (2020-05-27). ICE Records Confirm that Immigration Enforcement Agencies are Using Invasive Cell Phone Surveillance Devices. aclu.org For years, immigration enforcement agencies have been using invasive cell phone surveillance technology known as Stingrays in near-total secrecy. To find out more, the ACLU and New York Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act, and now we've forced the agencies to turn over documents revealing new details about the agencies' practices. Today, we are publishing

news.un (2020-05-27). UN agencies welcome donor pledges for Venezuelan refugees and migrants. news.un.org The UN refugee and migration agencies have welcomed $2.79 billion pledged by donors at a solidarity conference aimed at supporting Venezuelans who fled the protracted crisis in their country for host communities across the region.

Andrea Germanos, staff writer (2020-05-29). Honduran Family Sues US Govt for Separation Lawyers Say Was Deliberately Meant to 'Torment and Traumatize'. commondreams.org "These federal agents made a choice, a cruel and heinous choice, to deliberately inflict pain and trauma upon a family seeking refuge." | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/headline/thumbs/honduran-family-lawsuit-detention-cruel.jpg

Kevin Alexander Gray, Jeffrey St. Clair, JoAnn Wypijewski (2020-05-29). There is No Peace: an Incitement to Justice. counterpunch.org Summer 2014: a year since George Zimmerman was acquitted for killing Trayvon Martin. Another summer of violence and justification: US shells incinerating Palestinian children, devastating UN refuges in Gaza, pounding Afghan villages, again. Another trial of another white man who says he was scared, who had to defend himself with a blast of ammunition against

_____ (2020-05-28). The collapse of anti-immigrant sentiment in Britain. truepublica.org.uk In June 2016, Lord Ashcroft's poll discovered that one third (33%) of leave voters said the main reason was that leaving the EU "offered the best chance for the UK to regain control over immigration and its own borders. For all of the many other reasons that voters decided to vote Brexit, immigration, you could …

Staff (2020-05-27). "Horrifying Neglect": COVID-19 Deaths in ICE Custody Spark New Calls for Mass Release of Prisoners. democracynow.org Calls are growing for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to release people from detention during the pandemic, as two people have died from COVID-19 while in custody. We speak with The Intercept's Ryan Devereaux, who reported on how Carlos Ernesto Escobar Mejia, held at the Otay Mesa Detention Center, suffered horrifying neglect before he passed away. We are also joined by Erika Andiola with RAICES Action. "None of those folks — especially people who migrated seeking asylum — they did not do anything to deserve a life sentence in a detention center," Andiola notes.