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2020-06-09: News Headlines

Kurth T, Rist PM, Ridker P, et al. (2020-06-09). Association of Migraine With Aura and Other Risk Factors With Cardiovascular Disease in Women. jamanetwork.com This cohort study uses Women's Health Study data to compare the association of migraine with aura vs other major vascular risk factors (diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, smoking, BMI, CVD family history) with incidence of cardiovascular disease.

John W. Whitehead (2020-06-06). The Slippery Slope to Despotism: Paved with Lockdowns, Raids and Forced Vaccinations. globalresearch.ca "You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business… And if you refuse to be vaccinated,

Rania Khalek (2020-06-05). Shahid Buttar vs. Pelosi + Leslie Lee + Rania Khalek + Eugene Puryear. thealtworld.com Chat about protests and presidents and everything in between with Shahid Buttar: immigrant, constitutional lawyer, DJ, MC & poet running to replace Nancy Pelosi in CA-12; journalist, activist, author, former D.C. Statehood Green Party candidate, and former PSL candidate Eugene Puryear, fresh from reporting in Minneapolis; journalist, video producer, writer and host Rania Khalek; and writer, broadcast journalist and Struggle Session co-host Leslie Lee.

Staff (2020-06-09). Immigration Agents Target People at Police Brutality Protests, Including a U.S. Citizen Military Vet. democracynow.org As protests against police brutality continue nationwide, immigrant rights advocates are sounding the alarm over the presence of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents at some of the demonstrations. A viral video showed a group of ICE agents working with the New York City Police Department to detain a protester at a George Floyd rally in New York City last week, and advocates say agents held the man on the ground as they pointed three guns at him and handcuffed and searched him. He was reportedly released after agents found a military veteran's ID on him, and is a U.S. citizen of Puerto Rican descent. We spea…

Staff (2020-06-09). DACA Recipients "Want to Be in the Streets Building Solidarity" But ICE Arrests 3 at Phoenix Protest. democracynow.org Immigration agents are facing accusations of targeting protesters who are recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. Police in Phoenix, Arizona, arrested community activist Máxima Guerrero as she was leaving a protest on May 30 with a group of legal observers. She was one of three DACA recipients arrested over that weekend in Phoenix. We get an update from Sandra Castro Solis with the Phoenix-based grassroots immigrant justice group Puente Human Rights Movement, who says that despite the risks, "we're in a moment where people want to be out in the streets building that solidarity."

Staff (2020-06-09). Amid Protests & Pandemic, 200+ Unhoused People Sheltering in Minneapolis Hotel Now Face Eviction. democracynow.org We go to Minneapolis, where the community has taken over a Sheraton hotel to provide shelter to more than 200 unhoused people amid protests and the pandemic. Now they face eviction. "Using hotels for emergency housing is an obvious answer," says Rosemary Fister, community organizer. "They are largely vacant as we enter an economic depression in the midst of a global pandemic."

Name of the Game Is Money (2020-06-09). Budget Time: Transfer Police Budget to Services for the Workingclass. indybay.org On June 7, 2020, around 3 p.m., a march of a few thousand young people was seen on Bay Street, coming from the Marina, turning onto Columbus and filled the entire length of Columbus to Stockton, where it turned for a block to Vallejo, the heart of the working class Chinese immigrant community, where they stood and chanted "Black Lives Matter" outside a police station.

_____ (2020-06-07). Medical Workers Die-In To Protest Police Brutality. popularresistance.org New York – Hundreds of medical workers at SUNY Downstate staged a die-in on Thursday to protest police brutality and the health disparities that affect black Americans. | Emergency medical residents and other hospital staff kneeled or lay on the ground for eight minutes and 46 seconds — the amount of time former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on the neck of 46-year-old George Floyd, killing him. | "I can stand here as a brown, female, immigrant physician with a loud voice — and I can do this because of the sacrifices made by black people a long time ago," said Dr. Smruti Desai, an emer…