Philadelphia Public Safety Leaders Oppose Defunding “Sanctuary” Cities

Here we have another city taking charge and opposing the defunding and dismemberment of Sanctuary Cities. This time it is Philadelphia 

PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross and the City’s Director of Emergency Management, Samantha Phillips, both expressed publicly their opposition to federal action which would seek to defund so-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions. Both Ross and Phillips expressed their concern that such action would imperil public safety.

Phillips said, “I am very concerned that the President’s executive order could limit or reduce aid awarded to communities following disasters, namely the public assistance and hazard mitigation programs. These sources of economic support help communities rebuild more quickly and more resiliently post-disaster. Penalizing states or cities, for any reason, in their time of need after a disaster directly contradicts FEMA’s mission and fails to recognize the interconnectedness of states, local jurisdictions, and communities across the nation. Furthermore, reductions to preparedness and mitigation grants will reduce the nation’s readiness. Disasters don’t recognize political or jurisdictional boundaries. For this reason, we need programs that will help us all succeed in an environment where we know that threats, both natural and human-caused, are only growing in intensity and frequency.  The implementation of this policy could undo years of investments and progress in making the entire country better prepared and more resilient.”

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