The White House is misleading the public on “chain migration”

Even though the Trump family has benefited from “chain migration,” Trump has weaponized the term to enact policy

On Dec. 15, the White House posted a misleading article to its website that stokes fears about so-called chain migration, in an attempt to push President Donald Trump's anti-immigration policy agenda. "It's time to end chain migration" a tweet from the White House said. "As a result of Chain Migration, a single immigrant admitted to the U.S. has the potential to bring over large numbers of foreign relatives." The White House has since tweeted several times using the term, painting it as a threat that must be acted on. "Ending chain migration and also ending the visa lottery will allow us to have commonsense immigration rules that promote assimilation and wage growth. It also promotes, most importantly, safety."

The term "chain migration" is often used by anti-immigration hardliners who perceive it as a threat and would like to restrict a legal immigrant from helping family members migrate to the U.S. Trump has also used the term to ignite fears over terrorism and to indicate that so-called chain migration is a serious national security threat, even though Lee Cissna, the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, has said he does not have data to support that claim.

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