Trump’s diversity trap: Immigration fear-mongering vs. jobs

Trump's tactics on immigration, though reckless and destructive, are indeed running out of steam. 

Not to be hyperbolic, but sometimes it feels as though the president of the United States is targeting my very existence.

It began with his campaign. Although he didn’t use the validity of my birth certificate to kick off his racist-fueled rise to the top of a crowded Republican field, Donald Trump took a hardline anti-immigration stance that included the elimination of birthright citizenship. The pesky 14th Amendment that has fallen out of Republican favor lately grants citizenship to any persons born in the United States, regardless of the status of the parents. Trump called the clause of the Constitution that belatedly granted citizenship to former slaves “the biggest magnet for illegal immigration” during his hard-fought primary campaign. Trump was referring to the children of undocumented immigrants when he told Bill O'Reilly, "I don't think they have American citizenship." He probably doesn't know that federal courts have long debated the breadth of application of the controversial constitutional right.

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